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How to Reduce Threat Levels for Accounting Information Systems Read more: How to Reduce Threat Levels for Accounting Information Systems

An accounting information system is a workflow process companies use to tack financial information for internal and external purposes. Financial information must be timely and accurate in order for it to be useful. Business owners and managers rely on the information to make business decisions, while outside business stakeholders use it to assess the company's financial health. Like any business process, threats to the accounting information system can exist. Owners and managers need to find ways to reduce these threats, which can be any activity that manipulates the company's information.

Restrict access to the information system. Most accounting information systems today are computerized, which allows owners and managers to sue password or other electronic safeguard to prevent unauthorized access to the accounting or financial information.

Separate similar tasks among accounting employees. National accounting standards and government regulations typically require companies to use multiple individuals to complete accounting tasks. For example, one employee should not count register tills, create deposits and post them into the accounting information system.

Implement internal controls. Internal controls are specific guidelines and procedures employees must follow when handling accounting or financial information. These can include management authorization, reconciliations or internal reviews after accounting periods close.

Use external audits. External audits are objective and independent reviews conducted by professional accountants. This helps business owners and managers discover issues needing correction to improve financial performance output.

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