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FASRI Roundtable: Daryl Buck, FASB Member


The FASRI Roundtable series continues at 4pm eastern time on Tuesday, November 1. Our guest speaker will be Daryl Buck, one of the newest Board members of the FASB.  Mr. Buck brings a strong private company financial reporting perspective to the FASB. Prior to joining the Board, he spent eighteen years as Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Reasor’s Holding Company, a private company with $400 million in annual sales. In addition to leading the company’s financial, tax, and treasury functions, he advised senior management and the Board of Directors about the financial and tax implications of strategic opportunities and acquisitions, playing a key role in setting its strategic direction.  Mr. Buck’s topic will be on standard setting for private companies, which is a topic that has recently garnered significant attention in the financial press.  If you have interest in conducting research on private companies, the information from the Roundtable is likely to provide some interesting insight for your research.

To participate in the Roundtable, please follow these instructions.

1)  Go to anytime after 3:00 pm (New York time) on Tuesday, November 1. 

2)  Type in the following meeting number: 599 285 948 and click “Join Now”.

3)  On the next page, fill in your name, email address, and the password “Fasri001” (case sensitive).  Then click “Join”. 

4)  After joining the meeting, you will be prompted for your telephone number.  Insert your telephone number and click the “Call Me” button.  Your phone will ring, which you can use to hear and speak.  Please remember to put yourself on mute when you are not speaking (can be done by clicking the mic next to your name).

If you receive an error message or need help, contact me at 203-956-3472.


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