sabato 5 novembre 2011

Accounting Bloggers get together in Second Life

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Accounting Bloggers get together in Second Life Resources Global Professionals Finance & Accounting Blog Wednesday, February 10. 2010 Accounting Bloggers get together in Second Life Last week, several accounting bloggers were invited by Financial Executives International (FEI) to participate in the making of a music video in Second Life. The song, "If I were an Auditor" is a song parody of "If I were a Carpenter". It was my first foray into Second Life - and I managed not to embarrass myself too much! It was produced by Tom Hood and the Maryland Association of CPAs - a leading edge group when it comes to embracing social media. We "filmed" virtually, but as it happened, I was in Maryland for a meeting already, so myself and Steve Jackovitz, Resources Global Professionals Managing Director for the Baltimore office, took the short drive to the MACPA offices and spent lunch with the production team. Here is the link to the video:

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