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Four and a half years ago Allan and I started Less Everything. We wanted to build a product company that would sustain us with recurring revenue, and finance the building of our products by charging people enough money to build outstanding products for them that we would have enough time and money left over to build our own. This means we work a lot. No, even more than that. Since starting Less we have often been about how to maintain a work/life balance. Our answer was simple: “What balance?,” “There’s no such thing,” or “You don’t.” These answers are easy and were true for the first two years, but they’re not true anymore. Here’s what I’ve finally figured out. Widgets
For me, life forced it’s way in in the form of an ongoing illness that lasted for almost two years. I just couldn’t work like crazy anymore, but I wasn’t exactly enjoying life either. For the past few months I’ve been making time to do other things. I’ve been bicycle riding like crazy, going to yoga, even the occasional dance class (once, but I am going to go back). I’ve been taking care of my kids every other week, when I have them. I’ve been eating better, which means taking time to cook my own meals which means it takes longer to clean up too. All of this takes time away from work. Which makes me feel guilty. I feel like I’m letting Allan or letting our guys down or letting our clients down. I just don’t have enough time.

So this is what I’ve figured out about life/work balance. To have it you have to trade one thing for another and deal with the guilt of letting someone down. Choose wisely and try for happiness.

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You choose the guilt, it’s not an inherent quality when you choose balance.

I run my own business; the first few years I worked insane hours. I was stressed, bitchy, and took it out on my family and (to a lesser degree) my clients. A couple years ago i started to enforce 40 hours a week (no more). I can’t always limit it to 40, but most of the time I can.

I get the same amount of work done (or close enough for jazz), and the balance in my life makes me better at my job. In a lot of jobs, when you’re short on sleep and focused on the same thing 24/7 — you aren’t as good at your job as you could be.

I would strongly recommend balance to anyone. Love your work, but love other aspects of your life. I’m glad you’re taking it easier on yourself, and it sounds like you’re living a lot healthier; now I’d just focus on not feeling guilty about it.

You nailed it exactly!

The keys to being able to manage family, work, personal interests etc. really do come down to trading in one thing for another and preparation. The #1 question I get from people who know me & my commitments -“do you sleep?”. They don’t know how many things I have to say no to because I am trading one commitment for another.

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