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Accounting Information Systems Degree

Accounting Information Systems College Degree Information

A degree in Accounting Information Systems (AIS) is typically a dual-major combining accounting and Computer Information Systems (CIS). With a MBA degree in accounting information systems you will have many opportunities for high-level jobs.

Many universities claim that a degree program that focuses on accounting information systems will allow you to become a leader in the industry.
The AIS specific degree supports the need of accounting on computerized software applications. In a career as a skilled accounting CIS you will assist clients in technology based budget planning.
You will work with tax law regulators and develop computer software that will assist your peers in auditing. You will become a leader in applying advanced problem-solving techniques and accounting principles in a business environment. The study of accounting principles and policies as well as Information Technology will be the foundation for your success.

In choosing to earn a degree in Accounting Information Systems you will be entering into a creative rewarding career. You will be a pioneer in the use of advanced accounting software.
The national annual median wage for a graduate in Accounting Information Systems varies from $119,791 to $158,757. Your salary will depend on the size of the company and region in which you are employed.
Graduates with an expertise in both Accounting and Computer Information Systems are highly marketable. There is the possiblity that you may obtain employment as a Cost Analyst, Controller, Computer Programmer, Director of Information Systems, and System Analyst.

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